About Us

Life is a little yin and a little yang but, Aren’t we? Some days we are bright and sunny and some days we are still and calm. At Kiku, we want your personality to define you. Let your fashion resonate with you while you choose to be Ki or Ku.

We believe that the little things make a whole lot of you. A dash of love, a drop of travel, a bead of emotions and a series of untold stories. We feel that fashion sees no trends, has no culture, knows no bounds and it comes straight from the heart. 

And so, we say, a little of Ki, a Bit of Ku makes you! KIKU

Our Philosophy

We present to you our little love story with life. We travel far and wide, weave in some love, sew in some emotions, texture in some beautiful culture, seam it with the ebbs and the flows and create beauty for you!

Your body is an art in itself. We curate pieces that your body willingly fits in. From an extra-extra-small to extra-extra-extra-extra-large, each floral, each pleat and each hem is put together for you.

And that's how we create...