Sinful Denim Jacket

Rs. 4,000.00
You can either choose from our standard sizes or Custom if you need any size alterations.

If committing a sin looked this beautiful, why not!
Our Sinful Denim Jacket is a classic piece fabricated from selvedge denim with the natural colours being retained. The jacket features the right amount of tie-dyed on just one sleeve. Minimal corduroy detailing runs over and above the silhouette with a symmetrical pattern.
Pair it over a light tank top and hoops to party all night long!

Cotton tops the comfort list due to its lightweight, breathability and softness.
Hand Dye
From dip dyeing to air drying, each shade comes to life through skilful artisanal hands.
Being an offshoot of cotton, denim has an identity of its own. You can dress up and dress down a denim piece by retaining comfort.
Tie Dye
Folding, binding, scrunching and many more techniques make for interesting and unique tie & dye patterns.
Crafting clothes in bulks and batches leaves a few pieces, if not all, untouched. We intend to build a zero waste cycle and so each piece you select is Made to order!

At Kiku, our skilled Indian artisans get the opportunity to provide for themselves and we, as a brand, make sure to recognise their art.

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